Yury Tikhonovich. Circus artist. Wow. Wow. Wow. What the human body can do.

Thanks to reading Living with a Seal I got inspired to really up my push-up game. I have done around 400 push-ups today and expect to get to 1,000 per day for a while relatively soon. This stuff has me feeling SO good.

So I have been looking at world records to inspire me and I found something… one handed handstand push-ups??? What??? And so I looked. What beautiful movement!

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What are your boundaries? How do you know? I used to think that 50 push-ups was a lot. It just FELT that way. I remember doing 50 in college when I was training for rugby. That seemed like A TON. And I just really didn’t do push-ups very often in the last 10 years. I’d just push through whatever I could once in a while and stop at maybe 30 or so.

I work out a lot. I’d go to the gym anywhere from everyday of the week to 3-5 times and average for for more than 2 hours each time. “Seems like a lot”… sort of. It’s tough to know where we are relative to our potential when we’re surrounded by non-athletes that sit a lot or don’t really try to train etc…


I started reading a book that has a guy getting trained by a NAVY Seal. In the first week the guy goes from 50 push-ups to 300 a day. I just felt motivated from the reading and started doing more 50 push-up sets. I lost count of how many sets I did today somewhere between 5-7 sets of 50. To a serious athlete, I don’t expect anyone to be impressed. But that’s sort of the point.

It’s just not that much.

Especially when you consider the world record for most push-ups in 24 hours is 46,001. Yes. FORTY SIX THOUSAND AND ONE. I just don’t think there’s so much disparity between the average man’s body and strength in terms of potential and the record holder here. Although maybe so… but even if there was a huge disparity….. doing a 1,000 push-ups in a day should be relatively EASILY achievable by any random person training.

I’m pretty sure that 46,001 push-up guy has 0 problem whatsoever pushing through 1,000 push-ups in a day. Think about it.

What’s your push-ed up potential? What are you strength boundaries?

I honestly “felt” like doing 100 push-ups in a day would kind of be a pain to do for the last ten years. I was SO wrong. It literally takes less than 2 minutes now to accomplish this. Literally. Less than 2 minutes. There’s no excuse needed.

2 minutes a day. 100 push-ups a day. Maybe it will take you more time to get to the strength and fitness and all that. But yeah. FORTY SIX THOUSAND in a day. Should be no big deal to do 2,000.

We will see where I’m at in a couple weeks. I figure if I do around 50 in a minute, then 20 minutes per day = 1000 push-ups per day. Sounds good.

I’m weighing in at 174 in the morning. Biggest I have ever been. Somewhat flabby. But that’s all part of the game!

If I just eat one type of food per meal, it’s somewhat likely for me to realize which foods digest how and to realize how much to eat of each food etc…

If I eat a constantly changing variety of mixed foods from many places – it might be quite harder to realize how my body responds to certain foods. I believe that in the past, we would eat very simply. Fewer foods would be available so we’d eat what we could get, and it would often be a large amount of those things. You arrive at the blackberry patch… and eat blackberries till satisfied. You arrive at the bananas and eat as many as satisfy you. You figure it out early on that unripe bananas don’t taste as good and don’t digest as well. You figure it out that sour blackberries hurt your mouth and teeth.

But if you eat sandwiches with a side of beans and coleslaw and a coke and a candy bar… how do you know what’s what if you have a stomach ache later?

When’s the last time you ate something that you didn’t have? Probably never. Because you can’t eat what you don’t got. That’s why it’s important to make smart decisions while shopping.

This works both ways. If you don’t have that food that seems to make you tired or gassy… you won’t eat it. But it also means if you don’t have those foods that make you feel energetic and vibrant… you won’t eat them either.

Going shopping seems fun to me… walking around seeing hundreds or thousands of different items and thinking about what will make me feel the best. Or walking around nature and looking for ripe fruit or edible greens – that’s fun too!

If you have a good sense of how much of certain things you can eat and ensure that you have those foods handy… you can have a real easy time of eating healthy. If you don’t know, time to learn!

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So Daniel Cormier just won his second fight against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. I didn’t watch the fight, but I saw the “weigh-in”. Daniel Cormier steps onto the scale and he is 1.2 pounds too heavy, then he goes away for a minute and comes back and gets weighed while his hands are on a towel being held by two men. Somehow he has now lost the weight and is cleared to fight.

Well, if you rest your arms on something then the scale won’t have that much pressure and your weight will be less. After the fight Cormier says that he was holding up the towel because before when he was weighed the others didn’t hold the towel well and it showed his bare back side. While true that his backside got exposed… him holding the towel in front of him WHILE two others hold the towel on the sides does not really help anything. FURTHERMORE… what happens if you hold something while being weighed… that thing you hold goes to increase your weight. So it’s not just bullshit – it’s double bullshit.

That being said, I think it’s a good set-up for the UFC from a viewership perspective because it sets D.C. up as a bad guy. He’s set up as a cheater. He just cheated his way in… or should I say cheated his WEIGH in haw-haw-haw. And so now we have some reason to “hate” “him” and how he gloated winning the fight that I think he should have been ineligible for according to the “rule”.

Now Jon Jones can come in and more people will root for Jones to beat D.C. because D.C. is the most recent “cheater” and Jones can “redeem” himself.

I thought maybe he could take some super laxative/diuretic or something to drop 1.2 pounds in a minute but no apparently collusion. But like obviously they have to all be in on it. Who would just accept a person getting weighed while putting their arms on something?

At fullbellyfitness though… we don’t care what you weigh. We care about doing what makes you feel good and live healthy.


Apart from the fact that we really don’t know enough to have definitive certainty as to the requirements of a complete diet, even if the nutrients typically listed in a nutritional calculator or in RDA’s or other government health agencies were “sufficient” – a person could easily intake those nutrients and still miss out.

They could miss out, for example, on the experience of deliciousness.

There are many foods that can be combined to on paper meet nutrient recommendations, but could be prepared or consumed in a manner that would not bring a wide smile of joy to the face of the eater. Life certainly would be more enjoyable if food tasted more delicious (provided that this increased deliciousness did not necessarily mean less healthy food).

But it’s not just about more deliciousness.

Different foods simply have different compounds that have some impacts on the body. Foods CAN act as medicine. Foods CAN act as types of poisons.

Furthermore, we must consider the metrics by which we measure deficiency or sufficiency. AMBITION MATTERS!

If a person figures that they’re okay exercising for less than 30 minutes a day and mostly sitting watching tv or on a computer not thinking too hard – then their “sufficiency” would be different than the person that says they want to live all the active life they can live!

If I want to spend 3-4 hours + every day engaged in higher intensity activity – I may need a variety of different nutrients differently to that sedentary person.

Where does your food intake line up here?

For most fortunate people, they can look backwards and say they have had enough nutrients to meet their needs

However, how do we determine our needs?

I think we might go with perceptions of hunger, or of general feelings. Do you “feel” like exercising more than you have been? Probably not, so then why eat more? But if you WANT to become more active, you will likely NEED more food. Maybe more sleep or at least better sleep too. Activity requires nutrients. Different types might require different things.

Some foods excite us. Others dull us. Others calm us. I don’t understand it all, but I know that’s the case. There’s a variety of ratios and nutrients that can have various effects. Let’s try to figure out what they are so that we can live better lives.



I felt this urge to make myself a sandwich even though I have a kind of negative relationship with bread. It seems to bloat me and give me puffy skin… but I like eating it. Anyhow, I almost took it out of the freezer and toasted it when I saw a nice apple on the cutting board in the way of the toaster. I grabbed the apple because it looked good and I bit it.

The apple tasted great and made me feel even better. And now I eat another apple and may eat a few more. I feel REFRESHED. Have you ever eaten a sandwich and felt truly refreshed? I love eating sandwiches… but I wouldn’t say they feel “refreshing” at all. They might feel nourishing or kind of exciting in certain ways… but I don’t feel like they have “energizing” components they seem more like an endpiece or something – not something to fuel further action.

But what would we expect from bread? Bread doesn’t hydrate.

I just lightly steamed some green chard. It tastes delicious! It tastes sweet! I just steamed it in water. Did you know chard can taste sweet? I have had it as bitter, salty, and sour – but rarely if ever SWEET.

Make sure to try different versions of vegetables and fruit. You may get surprised at how different they can taste. Many people think they dislike celery, but really they just never had sweet and salty celery and may have only had celery that seemed too strong tasting.

Romaine lettuce can taste sweet… or it can taste quite bitter. I prefer the sweet version. Many people do not realize how good plain vegetables can taste.

MORE IMPORTANTLY though… don’t just prioritize taste… especially when it comes to things like veggies. Eat what your body needs without comparing these foods to junk foods or fancy gourmet prepared dishes. If you can eat a plain veggie without retching… consider eating as much as digests well for you. Veggies have plenty of good nutrition and my experience says I feel MUCH better with a pound or two of easy to digest greens in my daily diet than without.

You will also perhaps get a nice surprise about how your cravings for foods change after you have already eaten a great deal of nutrition from greens. Greens get jam-packed with nutrients seen as essential by RDA’s and WHO recommendations. Even with just 100 calories of greens you can often meet 100% of many nutrient recommendations.