A Top Tip To Have More Energy That No One Talks About

I want to train more. I want to get stronger and to get more ripped and all that…


Today I ate around 1400 grams of dried bananas (4500 calories)

Plus 3 small cantaloupes

A handful of grapes

Some cucumber

Half a head of celery


And I’m still going to eat more.



Physical energy requires fuel from food.

Yes I know that you can meditate and look at the sun or whatever. Close friends have done this or claim to have done it (my mind is still somewhat skeptical), BUT for the most part my thinking is that we use food for energy.

And since we use food for energy…

IF you want more energy…


It’s obvious and makes sense, but goes against a lot of the mainstream mindset that urges moderation and really supports a diet that does not scale properly.

What I mean by that is that the modern diet has excessive levels of nutrients such that if you were to double your energetic needs you would reach levels of nutrients that would be harmful to the body.

For example, people already might eat too much salt. If you just double the amount of food they eat then they really eat waaay too much. Same for say protein, cholesterol, and say random toxins in unhealthy foods.

More relevantly, the digestion of food that most people eat is not that easy.

Doubling your steak intake won’t be good for your digestion.

If you mix up a bunch of digestively incompatible foods which you already have trouble digesting, then doubling your intake will be difficult and more difficult.

On the other hand, if you are eating the foods that your body is optimized for and eating them in ways that maximize your digestive capacity, you can increase your fuel intake dramatically. You can more than quadruple your intake and thus have that much energy to use.

As an endurance athlete and just all around active person I have noticed this.

By eating a high carbohydrate fruit based balanced diet, I was able to increase my performance time. More of the right fuel meant more energy.

This is what fullbellyfitness is about, it’s about finding the foods that you can eat and fill your belly happily without moderating or thinking about it and then just having as much energy as you care for.

It is a very different paradigm.

It feels different.

When you are eating a digestively optimized diet, you feel like you can add more fuel to the fire much more often. And you are able to use the fuel more easily.

So instead of having a digestive system that’s locked down by slowly digesting (or not-digesting) fat or protein, you have a clear system ready for carbs or water rich juicy hydrating foods.

This is a massive advantage.



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