Beat the “logic” of depression with the body’s truth

I can use my body’s truth.

The truth that exists in the moment – physically – that comes from true physical processes – more than from psychological causes.

Consider this: a body could be well rested, nutritionally nourished, get enough sunlight, get enough movement, get enough touch and whatever else a body needs… and yet feel great stress and pain due to the person’s thinking. The person can think about their terrible finances or some political strife or career issues or just general negativity. Good idea for a book title! General Negativity. Haha. (goes to look it up). Looks available!

Anyhow, I’m sure we can agree that healthy bodies can create unhappy feelings. We have likely all experienced this. So let’s talk about making things better!

Well, we can pay attention to what’s more strictly physically true. How’s the body itself feeling? Do we have any unmet physical needs? Do we have any opportunities to rectify them? Need we eat something? Need we drink something? Do we need sunlight or some vitamins? Do we need some rest? How does the body feel? Do the shoulders feel relaxed? Does the breathing feel right?

A nice thing to do is to simply close the eyes and imagine some physical movement. You don’t have to do the actual movement – just imagine it and notice that you can see that you have physical freedom. You have the freedom to imagine things and you have the freedom to either do or not do them. That can feel like potential. Direct physical potential.

Your direct experience of your body in the moment reflects direct physical potential. Your experience of your body and mind combines into some sense of what you’re capable of or what you’re actually willing or going to do.

On any given day, most reasonably healthy people COULD walk 10 miles. But most don’t. I bet if I’d ask most people, how do you feel about the idea of walking 5 miles, they’d give some kind of not-so-positive response, though they might like the idea of having walked 5 miles. They also might be interested in walking 10 miles if it’s framed in the right way. Maybe if it’s an adventure through waterfalls and canyons to arrive at a beautiful lodge with beautiful people and lots of food. That sounds better than walking 10 miles in the city by loud noises and car exhaust…

What determines how you imagine it?

Anyhow, we experience internally some sense of this potential. Will I walk 10 miles today? Will I push hard at the gym? Will I hunker down and learn new skills or advance the ones I have? Or will I sulk in depression and general negativity?

It can seem really hard to reason. I have been stuck on negative thinking for a long time in certain areas. Not sure entirely why, but it would feel like a loop and it would seem the only response is eating junk or watching junk media or reading the news or I don’t know…

HOWEVER, I can always take a peek directly at my body, because my existence as a body has more permanence than my existence as a mind locked in some kind of story. Think about it: the story of you and your finances doesn’t really always exist – even though your bank account might not change. When you think about your bank account maybe you think aww this sucks, but then when you have a nice bite to eat you’re enjoying the food and when you watch a show you’re a person watching a show, you’re not so much a broke person watching the show. I will perhaps change the language to “one” instead of “you”… maybe not though. I can continue. Anyhow, when I close my eyes and breathe, I feel my eyes and my stomach and my body heat and my posture and my sense of my energy and where it could go and what could make things better and SOME sense of something good that I can build upon… I am alive. I feel alive. I have some life that CAN respond positively to nourishing.

Think and feel that. That there’s something that COULD respond positively to some events. That’s VERY likely to be PHYSICALLY KNOWN AS TRUE… which is different than thinking within the context of “what am I going to do for my career”, “what will happen with my relationships”, “what about the politics”, “what about my money”, etc… all of those categories may lead to overwhelm or confusion or complexity – and they can certainly feel bad if the underlying current experience = “something’s wrong” – and sometime’s that underlying experience might really be a direct physical problem.

When one has indigestion or fatigue… everything can feel bad… because the body feels bad the whole time. How fun is a birthday party when one’s stomach hurts and one has heartburn? Possibly not fun at all. How fun is it to sleep in a million dollar bed when one is on the verge of puking and in constant pain? What about the money? It doesn’t make the body feel good. On the other hand, when it is felt as physical truth that the body has its needs met, a sense of urgency does not press on the soul nor does a sense of true environmental stress – the body is not at risk – the body does not produce indications of being at risk.

So take some time to feel the body’s truth. The body MAY reveal unmet needs. It may say “HUNGRY!” “TIRED!” “THIRSTY!” “NEED EXERCISE!” “NEED SUN!” “NEED HUG!” etc… or it may say “TOO FULL” “IN PAIN” etc… Hopefully, you have direct positive healthy responses to each of these emergencies. If you do not, or want better ones, contact me (858)848-0444 or anyone that you feel is qualified to help you in these cases. You may be surprised at how easy and automatic your improvements can happen… since the body has quite a bit of wisdom and knowledge ready to be implemented when you allow it or deliberately go for it.

Once you get to a level where no obvious holes need to be filled, you can notice yourself breathing and moving and centered and powerful and capable ON A PHYSICAL SOLID LIVING TRUTH LEVEL. You can breathe in with a direct knowing of having physical potential for action with potential results beyond your imagination. I mean that literally and directly – not as some kind of woo-woo “all your dreams are possible sense”… I mean like you can notice you have power and that you don’t know what can be done with it.

From there, from that not-knowing you can see that a variety of actions are possible and from there you can identify which actions seem to have positive likely results and that you’d be willing to take those actions and whenever you’re ready… you may take those actions.

Maybe it’s cleaning your room.

Maybe it’s moving some trash.

Maybe it’s exercising.

Maybe it’s applying for a job or improving a resume.

Maybe it’s making a sales call.

Maybe it’s buying some healthy food.

Maybe it’s working on learning some skills.

Maybe it’s asking someone on a date.

Maybe it’s reading a book.

Maybe it’s taking a shower and then going to work.

Maybe it’s buying some tools or object that will make your life better.

Maybe it’s something else.

And once you take that action with positive expected results, you often will get those expected results and then feel a little better and ready for more. You again can look for what seems like it would make things better and then take that action. And again look at your sense of potential and keep moving. Maybe you feel more potential. Maybe your energy feels more focused, maybe you have done a better job of taking care of your physical needs so that you have more available power for the next task or you can think about things with less weighing you down or distracting you. And so again you find another task.

Maybe now you have a different perspective. Maybe the “same” situation of the difficult career or finances or relationships transforms when your self-awareness in the “same” situation includes a direct sense that nothing is fundamentally wrong with your body or the environment your body is in. And it’s so obvious that you would think your logical mind should have told you before!

OBVIOUSLY it’s going to be hard moving forward in career and work (and likely finances) if you feel TIRED and unable or not desiring to do more work! Work has an energetic cost! It may be worthwhile. It SHOULD be worthwhile and provide more benefit than that cost… but it’s still a cost… and if you don’t feel like you can pay it… it won’t seem like a good deal! Think about working eight hours while tired… THAT SUCKS! Now think about working twelve hours while super energetic and having a great feeling body. Wowee suddenly MORE work actually sounds great. So it might not be the job… it might just be your body. It might not be the work that’s frustrating or difficult… it might just be… your body and how it’s being used/treated/controlled/whatever you want to say.

So consider holding off on so-called logical conclusions or even thoughts in general on a “situation” you have until you take care of your direct physical needs. Your direct physical needs likely have more importance anyway. Finances can change. Relationships can change. Work can change. The body can change too, but in general we shouldn’t need to sacrifice our health for anything. Other people that care about you won’t demand you degrade yourself – they want you healthy and healthier. Smart employers want sustainable employees who are happy and productive – not that are degenerating and doing lower and lower quality work. Sure, sometimes work can be inflexible or occur with uncaring people – and while working you have trouble directly caring for your body… but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed over time.

Contact me to help set up a schedule that works for you. So that you DO get enough sleep in general. So that you DO eat enough healthy food. So that you DO get enough movement. So that you DO feel empowered and aware to higher and higher degrees. It’s easy to miss stuff! Even when you “know” it all. Don’t hesitate!

You can make HUGE improvements on your physical health baseline so that whenever you check in to your body you already feel great OR you can quickly identify what you need to do to get there fast. We can feel so much better than we know.

What if you haven’t been eating enough healthy food? Think about how much better you’d feel once you do! What if you haven’t been sleeping well enough… IMAGINE how good your life would be if in general… you always felt like you had enough sleep! What if you haven’t been getting a good amount of movement… CONSIDER what life would FEEL LIKE for you… when your life reflects habits that gets all three of those categories basically down! Throw in some sunshine and hugs to and from loved ones and consider how life will feel as a BASELINE experience in your body…

AND THEN FROM THERE… see what’s next.

Thanks for reading. Please share this with someone that would benefit from it… and keep working towards your best life! Being a downer brings other down… but better functioning lifts everyone else up! Make a change for the better! It might be as easy as closing your eyes more often and just checking in and taking direct action – WITH INTRINSIC BENEFITS!

It’s not like some vague diet with only potential benefits or some long term program or some expensive package or investment… it’s all about DIRECT HEALTHY BENEFITS FROM BODY-BENEFITTING ACTION.

Let me know that lands.

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