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Yury Tikhonovich. Circus artist. Wow. Wow. Wow. What the human body can do.

Thanks to reading Living with a Seal I got inspired to really up my push-up game. I have done around 400 push-ups today and expect to get to 1,000 per day for a while relatively soon. This stuff has me feeling SO good.

So I have been looking at world records to inspire me and I found something… one handed handstand push-ups??? What??? And so I looked. What beautiful movement!

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What are your boundaries? How do you know? I used to think that 50 push-ups was a lot. It just FELT that way. I remember doing 50 in college when I was training for rugby. That seemed like A TON. And I just really didn’t do push-ups very often in the last 10 years. I’d just push through whatever I could once in a while and stop at maybe 30 or so.

I work out a lot. I’d go to the gym anywhere from everyday of the week to 3-5 times and average for for more than 2 hours each time. “Seems like a lot”… sort of. It’s tough to know where we are relative to our potential when we’re surrounded by non-athletes that sit a lot or don’t really try to train etc…


I started reading a book that has a guy getting trained by a NAVY Seal. In the first week the guy goes from 50 push-ups to 300 a day. I just felt motivated from the reading and started doing more 50 push-up sets. I lost count of how many sets I did today somewhere between 5-7 sets of 50. To a serious athlete, I don’t expect anyone to be impressed. But that’s sort of the point.

It’s just not that much.

Especially when you consider the world record for most push-ups in 24 hours is 46,001. Yes. FORTY SIX THOUSAND AND ONE. I just don’t think there’s so much disparity between the average man’s body and strength in terms of potential and the record holder here. Although maybe so… but even if there was a huge disparity….. doing a 1,000 push-ups in a day should be relatively EASILY achievable by any random person training.

I’m pretty sure that 46,001 push-up guy has 0 problem whatsoever pushing through 1,000 push-ups in a day. Think about it.

What’s your push-ed up potential? What are you strength boundaries?

I honestly “felt” like doing 100 push-ups in a day would kind of be a pain to do for the last ten years. I was SO wrong. It literally takes less than 2 minutes now to accomplish this. Literally. Less than 2 minutes. There’s no excuse needed.

2 minutes a day. 100 push-ups a day. Maybe it will take you more time to get to the strength and fitness and all that. But yeah. FORTY SIX THOUSAND in a day. Should be no big deal to do 2,000.

We will see where I’m at in a couple weeks. I figure if I do around 50 in a minute, then 20 minutes per day = 1000 push-ups per day. Sounds good.

I’m weighing in at 174 in the morning. Biggest I have ever been. Somewhat flabby. But that’s all part of the game!

Screenshot 2015-08-17 15.16.25Pete says that he asked his doctors if his competitive eating stunts could have caused cancer and he says they all said “there’s no chance in hell”.

Now, I find it unlikely that multiple doctors used the phrase “there’s no chance in hell”, but if you think they did, your guess is as good as mine (except it’s not because I am sure they didn’t). This may seem like an insignificant fact and we can understand that what he means is that the doctors totally did not indicate to him that they believed his eating could have affected his health.

Well I go too far by saying his “health” since doctors may separate “health” from “cancer” as though it doesn’t make a difference if a person overall is healthier or sicker when they get cancer because they seem to treat cancer as some kind of foreign invader that must be “fought a war against” and “beaten” and “struggled” against.

What strikes me as more likely is that the doctors either had no real concept of what Pete actually does OR they basically lied to him because doctors often do not necessarily aim to get a conversation with their patients but rather the doctors have a set course of action that they “know better” than their patients and would “save their patients’ lives” by perhaps lying to them or misrepresenting the truth… “for the greater good”.

If the doctor thought that Pete doing challenges every week had “no chance in hell” of affecting him… I wonder if doctors would think that ANY dietary intake of anything could lead to cancer?

Which is funny because we trust doctors authority so much, that we can even forget everything that we know.

Didn’t a bunch of studies get released about people that eat hot dogs and their cancer risks? Isn’t there a bunch of data showing how certain groups tend to get more cancer than others and that those that are getting more cancer tend to be those that eat more junk food and live less healthy lifestyles?

Anyhow, Pete’s weekly challenges range from drinking 2 family sized mustard containers to drinking and consuming massive jars of pickles to eating anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 calories of junk food in a single sitting.

It’s funny that when someone tells you something, it is rude to imply that they are wrong or worse yet liars or perhaps even worse insane or idiotic… but Pete appears to be one or all of those three. Or he just doesn’t take things into perspective at all.

For a second, I thought to myself you know what, when he says “I never eat that way…” “I actually eat really healthy” that to me shows how his mind has separated his one life into multiple people.

He has been releasing stunt-eating videos more than once a week and has been making videos for the past 8 years.

What happens after he eats? Does he vomit? Does he use laxatives? Does he get constipated? Does he get diarrhea?

It’s funny. I could see people thinking, “oh he just spends 10 minutes a week on his challenges, and otherwise yeah he’s a healthy guy. look at his big muscles, he goes to the gym, and he says he eats healthy”. See, in general when someone says something we believe them. He says “I eat healthy” so I can think oh I guess he eats healthy.

But wait, even if it was true that on the days he doesn’t stunt-eat or competitively eat… what about the day of the week that he does?

In a single stunt-eating event or challenge he often eats as much calories as 2 to even 3 days worth of food. This means that overall we could say at least 1/7 and as much as 2-3/7ths of his intake comes from these horrific challenges… which he in general does not share the harmful results other than showing him puking at times and perhaps occasional admittances of digestive pain.

Does 1/7th of your diet being awful make a difference?

This is where people can make some strange assessments. Well 1/7th bad 6/7ths good hey that’s pretty good!

Well I take a different perspective.

I would say that pretty much everything we eat should be good. We shouldn’t eat things that harm us significantly. I would estimate that a minimum of 1-2 days of every week for perhaps the past 8 years Pete has done something awful to his body and had to suffer the consequences.

Perhaps he’d often use laxatives. Perhaps he’d use pain medication. Perhaps he’d puke himself. We don’t know. But in a single sitting he’d eat more junk food than most people would consume in an entire week potentially. Sometimes he’d even eat things that aren’t really food but rather extremely salty, extremely spicy, extreme amounts of preservatives, etc… (like entire bottles of mustard or hot sauce).


Apparently he talked to multiple doctors who said “no chance in hell” did this affect him.

To me, Pete comes off as a liar here or as someone who is clearly doing something that HE does not want to do.

When someone does something that they clearly don’t want to do, you have to question what motivates them. He seems to be angry and forcing a wide smile and talking about doing things for “you guys” and he attempts to avoid crying and he’s putting a “strong” face on everything.

When someone does something they don’t want to do, they resist something about it or don’t understand its benefit. Why doesn’t Pete want to be honest? Why can’t Pete be real? It’s his choice to make videos isn’t it? He should be making a ton of money from all the ads on his videos. If he has endorsements or products… even more.

So why make the video? What are his goals now in life?

Apparently his goals aren’t live as healthy as possible, since eating a pile of junk food once a week would not make you healthy. He undoubtedly suffers from it… though he gets some money and attention.

So we have an addiction/confused person on a very deep level.

He says that 6 months ago or something when he got diagnosed he really started doing the best he could or something… but he’s still been eating horribly for all that time.


That’s his thing. Or at least “performer” Pete hurts his body for money. Real Pete doesn’t eat like that… “ever” according to him. “Performer” Pete and Real Pete can’t co-exist for him to really act wisely in the instance of cancer. Performer Pete must be let go of. Put on hiatus. Fired. Laid off.

He should have been laid off years ago.

I have no idea what Pete does with his money, but he has no excuse for hurting his body for money.

That’s the thing.

People make excuses. Pete’s making a lot of excuses. The doctors completely excuse Pete of any culpability. They make it seem that he can continue to drink mustard and eat 2 pounds of butter and all that…

I don’t know what’s worse… that Pete could be lying or that Pete could be telling the truth.

I would not be surprised, and I do expect that Pete IS following medical advice. Few people, especially, men who seem to be putting in great effort to show how “manly” they are… few people would have their testicle removed. Very few. Not unless they were threatened with death or the loss of both testicles.

I doubt Pete suddenly got the idea to remove the testicle himself. He was coached by a doctor. A doctor told him with authority that this is what they must do. The doctor said they had made some measurements and tracked something or other objectively and thus the testicle must be removed. No question. Total certainty.

Thus, his doctors are the ones guiding his behavior.

Could doctors get him to actually eat healthy?

Why didn’t doctors tell him to stop eating absolutely horrid amounts of junk food every week?

How is it that they can convince him to remove a testicle, but not to stop drinking family sized mustard bottles and eating 2 pounds of butter in a sitting etc…?

Is it because Pete would have said “fuck you” to the doctor that tells him he must change his behavior? Or is it because the doctors did not even look into his behavior?

Now all this being said, perhaps his eating stunts did not cause his testicular cancer. I am not a cancer expert. But I will say that when you are faced with a health situation that you want to have the best chance to improve… you do everything that gives your body the best chance.

Stunt eating has no positive role in health. If he claims it’s for financial reasons then he has some problems with his money spending habits since he must have made millions of dollars or at least many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where did the money go?

Well, does he perhaps use steroids? Perhaps he has been injected testosterone for the past several years or longer. Could that affect his testicular health? I am not a steroid expert. I have no knowledge of him using steroids. But could he have?

Could a former anorexic (person with severe body image issues) still have severe body image issues? Why does he work so hard to be huge in the gym? Sure, every person can have their own hobbies and lifestyle, but once they start damaging themselves significantly, as health professionals we must step in and be responsible and share the truth.

Pete eats a lot of fried foods. Are those not harmful? Are we really supposed to sit and just nod our heads and say “oh poor Pete, there’s nothing you can do, we are praying for you”?

It just doesn’t make sense to me to not do what’s in your power to handle the situation.

If a business was failing and you found out there were employees hired that actually caused more trouble than they’re worth… would you fire them or try to fix them?

Imagine your business is losing $1,000,000 a year.

You discover one of your employees is more or less worthless and actually a liability. They cost the business $50,000 per year. Do you keep them on the work force because hey firing that one employee won’t save you $1,000,000?

If you keep them, you’re clearly a bad business person and it’s no surprise you’re losing a million annually. $50,000 saved is $50,000 earned… and $50,000 saved ANNUALLY is $50,000 EARNED annually.

Mainstream medicine offers false dichotomies. You either do this surgery or you will die. You either take these pills or you die.

Well, actually often it is you do this surgery AND you will die. You take these pills AND you will die, but perhaps more painfully and with less money.

Often, if not always, they completely neglect to directly assess the person’s lifestyle and begin to track and measure the same things they tracked and measured to indicate “objectively” that the person “has” a disease… they do not track those things AS the person ACTUALLY changes their lifestyle.

As it stands today, MOST people who are sick, have poor lifestyles.

They eat plenty of junk food.
They do not get the highest quality of sleep.
They do not move enough or they over-train.
They do not eat enough healthy food.
They stress over nothing.
They do not get enough time in nature.
They do not have enough positive experiences of contributing to others.
They have negative outlooks on life and poor posture and circulation.
They spend too much time indoors on computers (I am guilty of this currently).
They use drugs excessively.

Most people are like that. Most people certainly don’t live lives that are obviously healthy.

So WHY don’t doctors IMMEDIATELY get patients to live in OBVIOUSLY healthy ways?

How do doctors know for a fact what would happen to Pete if he stopped drinking mustard, eating butter, and swallowing down 50 hot dogs in a sitting – once a week… and maybe stopped with the steroids, laxatives, and perhaps some other set of drugs he may or may not intake.


WHY DON’T THEY MAKE HIM fix his lifestyle IMMEDIATELY…? before removing a testicle or killing his immune system or whatever else they want to do?

Why not track and measure those indicators… as Pete changes his lifestyle to one where he gets good sleep, decreases stress as best as possible, improves his nutritional intake and removes the toxic excesses he has made a career of.

It is horrible. He has made a career of eating to the point of toxic excess… and his doctors apparently don’t even know who he is… AND HE IS ON YOUTUBE.

it is funny because it seems like we would give doctors excuses for not knowing their patients.

Oh doctors don’t have time to find out if a person eats entire jars of pickles once a week and consumes laxatives with extreme frequency and eats 10 pizzas in one sitting etc…

Well no. Doctors should know these things and know how to get patients to eat healthy and not eat unhealthy and to live healthy lifestyles across all areas.

If there is ANY major health habit that a patient is causing himself pain or not able to get optimal health… the doctor MUST see to it that the patient knows about it and gets motivated to change it.


It seems like everyone has this childish and ignorant perspective that says being healthier would mean living a blander life where you could not enjoy your food and everything would be boring and you’d be like a monk alone eating plain hay and suffering.

Guess what? The healthier you live… THE HEALTHIER YOU FEEL.



Feeling healthy is the result of being healthy.

Healthy people typically do not have terribly difficult times eating the food they eat… the food they eat SERVES THEM. The food they eat MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD during the meal, before the meal, and after the meal.

Some people may TRY to be healthy and end up hurting themselves or suffering.
Some people may have difficulty transitioning to simpler foods from junk foods and there may be some suffering and withdrawal or feelings of cravings to junk food sometimes… but once a person ACTUALLY meets their needs from food… they don’t really care because their bodies are not lacking…

and more likely they LOVE it. Living healthy feels better by definition.

Getting awesome sleep = feeling awesome
Eating purely healthy foods = feeling purely healthy
Not eating junk food = not feeling like junk
Having lower stress = feeling more better feelings
Breathing better = breathing better
More time outdoors in nature = more fun and energy

There are no negative side effects to really eating healthy.

BUT there’s a big negative side effect to truth when you’re a liar.
There’s a big negative side effect to suggesting that you need to change.
There’s a big negative side effect to a direct authoritative judgment that depicts the path you’ve been on as one that has brought you to where you are.

So what do you want to do?

Do you want to stop doing things that clearly harm you and start doing more things that clearly help you? Or do you want to have both of your balls removed and get irradiated and then take chemicals that will kill your immune system, make you lose your hair, and make you lose all your energy and perhaps kill you if your cancer doesn’t?

So a prominent youtuber was having trouble with the cut period. The cut period in body-building is when the bodybuilder attempts to burn as much fat as possible to “get cut” to get lean. This can be a difficult period because most bodybuilders it seems are eating calorie deficit diets and eating diets that are extremely high in protein and in my opinion too high in fat. This means that their carbohydrate intake suffers.

I think this is a key reason why bodybuilders should be eating less protein because when you’re on a low calorie diet you want every calorie to count. Protein should not be consumed if it is going to be used as energy. According to a Dr. Graham the amount of protein that’s used on a daily basis for energy is somewhere around 4-10 calories. The rest of the protein is used for building various things from enzymes to muscles to… being shit out.

If you read the previous article  about How Much Protein You Need to Build Muscle right here: then you remember that the numbers basically show that for the average person at 5’9.5” should require only around 56 grams of protein for all of their needs.

Any excess of 56 grams is likely NOT to be needed and at best will either be used as energy or excreted as feces. I’m not going to go into why excess protein is a harmful  at the moment but let’s just point out the obvious – that protein doesn’t provide immediate energy.

According to Dr. Linda Strause (and all standard nutrition texts), a professor at UCSD, only carbohydrates act as immediately available energy. That big juicy steak is not going to replenish your glycogen tanks nor will it inspire you to exercise more, maybe a nap though. Anyhow, since carbs provide immediate energy and protein just sits in your gut waiting for you to go through a difficult process to break it down, when bodybuilders decide they’re going to cut down their total calories and keep their ratios favoring plenty of protein… they suffer.

We need energy. We are used to having a certain amount of energy available and when that diminishes we know something is wrong. So when you decide you’re suddenly going to cut out plenty of your energy so that you can get lean, the body is not going to be happy.

It is like cutting the allowance of a kid that’s used to spending it all. Carbs are instant energy and you use them for the most part. If you’re not getting fatter, you’re using your carbs. Don’t lower your carb intake. So that’s why bodybuilders should: eat as minimum protein as possible to meet their needs.

Don’t just go for the 2 grams per kilo or whatever it is the protein powder companies want you to buy, figure out your minimum. Keep in mind what was discussed here: it is very unlikely that you can use anywhere near 2 grams per kilo let alone fully using 1 gram per kilo.

Here’s the added benefit of keeping the protein at tiny surplus as opposed to a bloating glut: more carbs = more efficiency with protein digestion. The reverse is true as well, the less carbs you have to work with the more protein you need.

So let me know if you’re trying any of these high protein diets or if you’re a low protein high carb favoring lifter and we can put together more data. As it stands it seems most people are buying the hype, but their numbers don’t add up. There’s no reason to think that just because a person is going to the gym that they suddenly need massive amounts of protein that we know for a fact are not being built as muscle. If you want the math for that go back to



P.S. Check Out for a person that’s go solid strength and has been doing so on what others might consider a very very low protein diet.

Above is part 1 from an hour long interview with holistic health practitioner Paul Chek. Below is not exactly part 2 but close enough.

His book –

He made statements that make it clear that most people in the United States are probably eating too much protein. Because they are constipated and not even absorbing much of what they’re eating. He also pointed out how different our needs can be based on stress levels and how we use our mind. A Tai Chi master with very low stress and clear mental focus would require relatively much less calories for basal and active metabolism than someone with a busy stressed mind.

On average people eat around 115 grams and are 5’9.5”. That would be enough protein to maintain around a 200 pound lean muscled build. For 5’9.5” that would be huge.

Eat real food, drink real water, get real rest, and train to the best of your abilities.