Muscle Gain

What are your boundaries? How do you know? I used to think that 50 push-ups was a lot. It just FELT that way. I remember doing 50 in college when I was training for rugby. That seemed like A TON. And I just really didn’t do push-ups very often in the last 10 years. I’d just push through whatever I could once in a while and stop at maybe 30 or so.

I work out a lot. I’d go to the gym anywhere from everyday of the week to 3-5 times and average for for more than 2 hours each time. “Seems like a lot”… sort of. It’s tough to know where we are relative to our potential when we’re surrounded by non-athletes that sit a lot or don’t really try to train etc…


I started reading a book that has a guy getting trained by a NAVY Seal. In the first week the guy goes from 50 push-ups to 300 a day. I just felt motivated from the reading and started doing more 50 push-up sets. I lost count of how many sets I did today somewhere between 5-7 sets of 50. To a serious athlete, I don’t expect anyone to be impressed. But that’s sort of the point.

It’s just not that much.

Especially when you consider the world record for most push-ups in 24 hours is 46,001. Yes. FORTY SIX THOUSAND AND ONE. I just don’t think there’s so much disparity between the average man’s body and strength in terms of potential and the record holder here. Although maybe so… but even if there was a huge disparity….. doing a 1,000 push-ups in a day should be relatively EASILY achievable by any random person training.

I’m pretty sure that 46,001 push-up guy has 0 problem whatsoever pushing through 1,000 push-ups in a day. Think about it.

What’s your push-ed up potential? What are you strength boundaries?

I honestly “felt” like doing 100 push-ups in a day would kind of be a pain to do for the last ten years. I was SO wrong. It literally takes less than 2 minutes now to accomplish this. Literally. Less than 2 minutes. There’s no excuse needed.

2 minutes a day. 100 push-ups a day. Maybe it will take you more time to get to the strength and fitness and all that. But yeah. FORTY SIX THOUSAND in a day. Should be no big deal to do 2,000.

We will see where I’m at in a couple weeks. I figure if I do around 50 in a minute, then 20 minutes per day = 1000 push-ups per day. Sounds good.

I’m weighing in at 174 in the morning. Biggest I have ever been. Somewhat flabby. But that’s all part of the game!

Above is part 1 from an hour long interview with holistic health practitioner Paul Chek. Below is not exactly part 2 but close enough.

His book –

He made statements that make it clear that most people in the United States are probably eating too much protein. Because they are constipated and not even absorbing much of what they’re eating. He also pointed out how different our needs can be based on stress levels and how we use our mind. A Tai Chi master with very low stress and clear mental focus would require relatively much less calories for basal and active metabolism than someone with a busy stressed mind.

On average people eat around 115 grams and are 5’9.5”. That would be enough protein to maintain around a 200 pound lean muscled build. For 5’9.5” that would be huge.

Eat real food, drink real water, get real rest, and train to the best of your abilities.