Yury Tikhonovich. Circus artist. Wow. Wow. Wow. What the human body can do.

Thanks to reading Living with a Seal I got inspired to really up my push-up game. I have done around 400 push-ups today and expect to get to 1,000 per day for a while relatively soon. This stuff has me feeling SO good.

So I have been looking at world records to inspire me and I found something… one handed handstand push-ups??? What??? And so I looked. What beautiful movement!

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What are your boundaries? How do you know? I used to think that 50 push-ups was a lot. It just FELT that way. I remember doing 50 in college when I was training for rugby. That seemed like A TON. And I just really didn’t do push-ups very often in the last 10 years. I’d just push through whatever I could once in a while and stop at maybe 30 or so.

I work out a lot. I’d go to the gym anywhere from everyday of the week to 3-5 times and average for for more than 2 hours each time. “Seems like a lot”… sort of. It’s tough to know where we are relative to our potential when we’re surrounded by non-athletes that sit a lot or don’t really try to train etc…


I started reading a book that has a guy getting trained by a NAVY Seal. In the first week the guy goes from 50 push-ups to 300 a day. I just felt motivated from the reading and started doing more 50 push-up sets. I lost count of how many sets I did today somewhere between 5-7 sets of 50. To a serious athlete, I don’t expect anyone to be impressed. But that’s sort of the point.

It’s just not that much.

Especially when you consider the world record for most push-ups in 24 hours is 46,001. Yes. FORTY SIX THOUSAND AND ONE. I just don’t think there’s so much disparity between the average man’s body and strength in terms of potential and the record holder here. Although maybe so… but even if there was a huge disparity….. doing a 1,000 push-ups in a day should be relatively EASILY achievable by any random person training.

I’m pretty sure that 46,001 push-up guy has 0 problem whatsoever pushing through 1,000 push-ups in a day. Think about it.

What’s your push-ed up potential? What are you strength boundaries?

I honestly “felt” like doing 100 push-ups in a day would kind of be a pain to do for the last ten years. I was SO wrong. It literally takes less than 2 minutes now to accomplish this. Literally. Less than 2 minutes. There’s no excuse needed.

2 minutes a day. 100 push-ups a day. Maybe it will take you more time to get to the strength and fitness and all that. But yeah. FORTY SIX THOUSAND in a day. Should be no big deal to do 2,000.

We will see where I’m at in a couple weeks. I figure if I do around 50 in a minute, then 20 minutes per day = 1000 push-ups per day. Sounds good.

I’m weighing in at 174 in the morning. Biggest I have ever been. Somewhat flabby. But that’s all part of the game!

Hey people,

I just had a great experience spending around an hour talking to Rafe Kelley from Facebook recommended him at some point and showed some video of him climbing trees and doing parkour type stuff and I almost went to a class because he was in my area, but missed it. Still, I follow his page on facebook and reached out for an interview/conversation.

I believe that we have natural abilities to do all kinds of monkey shit and that people that practice that for more time show more of these abilities than those of us that just sit or do repetitive movements in the gym.

Exploring environments like trees and ditches and rocks and streams and all that gives a much wider range of experiences.

We discuss a pretty wide range of things from nutrition, to intuition, to meditation, to being confident with one’s body.

Something else that I found inspiring was that prior to the conversation I spent many hours just practicing movement and realizing so many things about how my body moves and how I can move it differently to have more grace, control, power, and enjoyment.

From his website:
“Learn to move like a human. Reclaim your capacity to move with flow over grass, rocks, and trees. Learn to develop yourself through contact, roughhousing, dance, and combatives. Reconnect with nature and develop your aliveness in movement to become a more resilient and embodied human.”

I do movement practices everyday and it has changed my life so much.

So you’ve probably seen the Tai Lopez commercial for his program. He says something like “here in my garage… with my lamborghini…” and that what he values more than his expensive car is “knowledge”. Cool.

Anyhow, I wanted to share this video because I’m gearing up for my own launch of an upgraded version of what I’ve been working on for so many years.

I want to help you with a number of measurable tangible results in your life.

  • I want to help you free yourself from physical chronic pain

If you’re at all like me and spend many hours daily on the computer and sitting in a chair… you probably know what it’s like to suffer from CHRONIC pain. Back pain, shoulder tension, neck stress… the whole thing.

I can help you get free of it.

  • I want to help you feel the freedom to sit and meditate.

I have been practicing since 2006 and I went through the struggles. I went through the resistance to sitting. The resistance to feeling. The resistance to patience. The resistance to finding out what’s inside…

  • And I’m ready to share it with you. Raw. Unfiltered. Uncut. True

If you’re wondering why this is on my fullbellyfitness site, it’s because these are essential to health.

  • You can’t be truly healthy when you’re in chronic pain.

Learn to release yourself and be free again.

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Two Key Concepts For Athletic Nutrition

You want to have access to as much energy as possible AND you don’t want to have your access to energy limited for the wrong reasons

Let’s say you ate and swallowed 6 packs of bubblegum for breakfast.

You probably wouldn’t have much of an appetite for some time…

But you’d still want to be active, and you’d still need energy from food.

Eating the wrong things or the right things at the wrong time can affect your digestive abilities.

There is such a thing as food combining and it is very real. Combine the wrong foods together and you will be gassy or bloated. More energy will need to be spent on digestion, which means less for movement and athleticism.

Athletes are eating the protein myth up at every meal.

The fact is that athletes really don’t have much to do with that extra protein.

They’re not building muscles with it.
They’re not using it for energy.
It doesn’t help their digestion.

Protein does not digest well with starches or carbohydrates.
It also does not digest well with greens (could be wrong).

The proof is in the pudding.

If you eat a steak for breakfast, lunch might not digest as well if you had eaten something lighter.

Protein and fat take long times to digest and stay in the system and block other things from digesting as quickly.

Protein can also be very satiating so you are less inclined to eat more.

For someone who wants to lose weight, that may (or may not) be a good thing…

But for the athlete that wants to have maximum output, they need energy and they need to get that energy from somewhere.

Do you want to train for your sport more?

It will cost you.

Let’s say you want to play competitive soccer, tennis, football, or basketball.

You want to improve, so you want to train.

Let’s say you need to take 10,000 shots to become a good enough shooter.

Well, how many shots can you put up per day?

It costs time. It costs energy. It costs calories. It costs food.

If you can afford it, great.

In order to pay higher energetic costs, you need more usable fuel.

People go for post workout SHAKES not Steaks. For a reason. Sugar. Carbs. High glycemic carbs. They are the immediate source of energy to refuel your depleted glycogen tanks and to go into the bloodstream to be used by your cells.

Protein is not a readily useful energy source. How many marathons have bacon strips or chicken wings in the aid stations? None.

They have bananas, oranges, apples, juice – all over 80% carbohydrate. Some as high as 99-100%

So consider the idea that you might want to increase your training by 3 hours per day.

That could require you to consume 1500 calories more than you’re already eating.

Do you currently feel stuffed?

If you ate foods that digested better, you would be able to eat more food.

Now it brings up another issue which is about which foods scale well since there are certain foods that contain elements that are fine in small portions but reach levels of toxicity if scaled high. Salt, selenium, phosphorus, protein, manganese, even calcium come to mind. There’s simply certain levels of nutrients that can be excessive. Vitamin A from animal sources can be significantly toxic by consuming relatively small caloric portions of liver.

Fortunately we can analyze our total diet with nutrition calculators reasonably well and can see from results in feeling and performance.

Furthermore, I expect that if we’re eating natural foods and eating them in simple meals where we can identify what food has what effect on our system, we can truly benefit greatly from that knowledge.

If people would just eat simply they would be able to realize what’s great and what’s mediocre and what’s harmful.

So to re-iterate the point:

If you want to train more or be more active it will require more calories
If you want more calories you need to consume more food (that you can digest well)
To make consumption of more easily digesting food possible, there’s a variety of things to do and a variety of things to avoid

The next post will go into details as for how to best accomplish this.