Concerns about the so-called “Clean Fifteen”

Check the list here first

All right, so you may have heard about the Environmental Working Group’s list. It has the “dirty dozen” the top foods you should not eat non-organically because of pesticide and herbicide contamination and then there are the “clean fifteen” the ones that are supposedly okay to eat “conventionally”.

Well here’s the issue… the list is only 49 fruits and vegetables long so that’s not really much of a buffer zone. It’s like saying here are the bad fast food restaurants and the good ones and putting some mexican fast food as a good place to eat because relative to mcdonald’s it has better options but it’s really not the best.

“Fewer than 10 percent of pineapple samples had detectable pesticides.
Some 78 percent of mango, 75 percent of kiwi, 67 percent of watermelon and 60 percent of domestic cantaloupe had no residues”

Here’s a quote: “No single fruit sample from the Clean Fifteen™ had more than 5 types of pesticides detected.” Is that reassuring? Not really to me. So the clean fifteen has some fruit with 5 types of pesticides being detected. Doesn’t sound promising. If some of the fruit of the clean fifteen have 5 pesticides detected, I’m not sure it should qualify.

It’s nice though that it might be raising awareness or is a somewhat useful tool for people to save money and avoid greater pesticide exposure.

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