Eating Simply Teaches Lessons Where Complexity Would Obscure

If I just eat one type of food per meal, it’s somewhat likely for me to realize which foods digest how and to realize how much to eat of each food etc…

If I eat a constantly changing variety of mixed foods from many places – it might be quite harder to realize how my body responds to certain foods. I believe that in the past, we would eat very simply. Fewer foods would be available so we’d eat what we could get, and it would often be a large amount of those things. You arrive at the blackberry patch… and eat blackberries till satisfied. You arrive at the bananas and eat as many as satisfy you. You figure it out early on that unripe bananas don’t taste as good and don’t digest as well. You figure it out that sour blackberries hurt your mouth and teeth.

But if you eat sandwiches with a side of beans and coleslaw and a coke and a candy bar… how do you know what’s what if you have a stomach ache later?

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