Foment some FOMO

What if the only things we ate were things that we bought? I consider myself much “earthier” than the average city dweller; I forage for berries, I pick wild lettuces from time to time, and I can identify most edible fruits around me… and yet…

I or another person buys 99-100% of the food I eat.

What’s the issue?

What if there’s some food that simply can’t be sold very well?

There are some fruits that I love that are not sold in stores. Perhaps because people haven’t heard of them, perhaps because there isn’t a big enough market for them, or perhaps because they spoil too fast once removed from the plant.

I don’t want us to miss out on nutrition just because it doesn’t sell well.

Truly fresh food makes a difference. I can feel it. When I don’t eat from the farmer’s market for a couple weeks… my vitality goes down. When I eat fresh fresh… my vitality goes up.

When I lived on a farm… my vitality was waaay up there.

Some things just currently aren’t sold in stores, so we don’t buy them. We could spend a lifetime never getting certain things simply because they’re not sold.

SOME THINGS ARE NOT SOLD… you have to acquire them by other means.

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