Here in my Backyard (Here in my Garage)

So you’ve probably seen the Tai Lopez commercial for his program. He says something like “here in my garage… with my lamborghini…” and that what he values more than his expensive car is “knowledge”. Cool.

Anyhow, I wanted to share this video because I’m gearing up for my own launch of an upgraded version of what I’ve been working on for so many years.

I want to help you with a number of measurable tangible results in your life.

  • I want to help you free yourself from physical chronic pain

If you’re at all like me and spend many hours daily on the computer and sitting in a chair… you probably know what it’s like to suffer from CHRONIC pain. Back pain, shoulder tension, neck stress… the whole thing.

I can help you get free of it.

  • I want to help you feel the freedom to sit and meditate.

I have been practicing since 2006 and I went through the struggles. I went through the resistance to sitting. The resistance to feeling. The resistance to patience. The resistance to finding out what’s inside…

  • And I’m ready to share it with you. Raw. Unfiltered. Uncut. True

If you’re wondering why this is on my fullbellyfitness site, it’s because these are essential to health.

  • You can’t be truly healthy when you’re in chronic pain.

Learn to release yourself and be free again.

My full 15 hour+ audio program, plus e-book, online support AND an instructional review consultation for after you have gone through the program are NOW available for the low price of $200 INCLUSIVE and EXCLUSIVE

If you want the 70 track audio program as a stand alone – it has a suggested price of $100 (you can modify the price). This is the direct purchase link for immediate download:

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