Something that keeps coming to mind is this: just because a food tastes good doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

That’s tough because there’s so much tasty food and wouldn’t it be nice if they were all healthy?

Well it certainly would, but it’s not that way. Eat just junk food for a while and you’ll probably have problems. You simply can’t perform without good fuel. Maybe for a while you can, but after a while you just have to pay too high a cost.

There are balances of nutrients that our body thrives on. Certain foods dehydrate us, while others re-hydrate. This obviously makes an impact. Some foods will tear us apart while others will help us build a healthy body.

The food choices we make really do have an impact on us. I just really want to put that question to you. How do you decide what to eat when it’s not enough for a food simply to taste good for it to be a healthy choice?

Well I think theĀ answer is that we know certain foods ARE healthy. Namely, fresh fruits and vegetables.

And if we want to eat more of them, we simply need to buy more or be in proximity to them in their natural environment.

The best way would be with a 100% healthy food experience. To get rid of all non-healthy food from the home and go to the market and stock up on enough healthy food to feed you for at least one week and then repeat the process at least twice more so that you can eat 100% healthy for 21 days.

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