How to lower your salt intake: 1

So salt seems to cause water retention for a lot of people and is one of the minerals people get too much of. At Full Belly Fitness, we promote a lot of whole unprocessed foods. Foods that you can go all you can eat style on them without thinking. Sometimes, people do cook though, and the foods they cook seem to taste better with salt. It’s not hard to go pinch pinch and suddenly you have more than 1,000 mg’s of salt!

So if you want to lower your salt, here’s a simple process for you to follow when preparing your own food.

  • first you have to start preparing your own food
  • do not add any salt in it
  • try it without salt
  • if it’s not terrible without salt, just keep eating
  • when you’re done, see if you feel like eating plain salt
  • since you almost definitely won’t want to eat plain salt, it will teach you a lesson that you don’t really need that added salt.

You might be surprised how easy it is to eat salt free dishes. Even though they may seem “tasteless” if you are eating the right foods you should feel PHYSICALLY SATISFIED. Consider the possibility that it is worthwhile to be healthier, even though the food you eat will be less exciting to eat.

I’d rather eat something boring, but have energy for something amazing than eat something that tastes amazing but then feel bored and not have energy.

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