How to Save Money on Food

So a common complaint that organic food is too expensive or that fruits and vegetables are expensive gets heard once in a while, but the truth is that you can save plenty of money by shopping intelligently.

By cutting out the middlemen and shopping direct from producers and farmers you can get the best prices. You will be surprised at how little you have to buy in order to get a discount.

These are prices I’m currently getting on oranges:

If you buy 1 pound it is $1

If you buy 10 pounds it’s $6

If you buy 25 pounds it’s $10

If you buy 50 pounds it’s $12

Now these aren’t prices I expect to get from all farmers, but it has been very common for me to see entire cases of produces go for just a few dollars.

So go to the farmer’s market, ask them what they want to get rid of or what kind of price breaks they do, and get a whole bunch of something you and yours will love to eat.

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