I almost ate bread

I felt this urge to make myself a sandwich even though I have a kind of negative relationship with bread. It seems to bloat me and give me puffy skin… but I like eating it. Anyhow, I almost took it out of the freezer and toasted it when I saw a nice apple on the cutting board in the way of the toaster. I grabbed the apple because it looked good and I bit it.

The apple tasted great and made me feel even better. And now I eat another apple and may eat a few more. I feel REFRESHED. Have you ever eaten a sandwich and felt truly refreshed? I love eating sandwiches… but I wouldn’t say they feel “refreshing” at all. They might feel nourishing or kind of exciting in certain ways… but I don’t feel like they have “energizing” components they seem more like an endpiece or something – not something to fuel further action.

But what would we expect from bread? Bread doesn’t hydrate.

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