Not all greens grow equally

I just lightly steamed some green chard. It tastes delicious! It tastes sweet! I just steamed it in water. Did you know chard can taste sweet? I have had it as bitter, salty, and sour – but rarely if ever SWEET.

Make sure to try different versions of vegetables and fruit. You may get surprised at how different they can taste. Many people think they dislike celery, but really they just never had sweet and salty celery and may have only had celery that seemed too strong tasting.

Romaine lettuce can taste sweet… or it can taste quite bitter. I prefer the sweet version. Many people do not realize how good plain vegetables can taste.

MORE IMPORTANTLY though… don’t just prioritize taste… especially when it comes to things like veggies. Eat what your body needs without comparing these foods to junk foods or fancy gourmet prepared dishes. If you can eat a plain veggie without retching… consider eating as much as digests well for you. Veggies have plenty of good nutrition and my experience says I feel MUCH better with a pound or two of easy to digest greens in my daily diet than without.

You will also perhaps get a nice surprise about how your cravings for foods change after you have already eaten a great deal of nutrition from greens. Greens get jam-packed with nutrients seen as essential by RDA’s and WHO recommendations. Even with just 100 calories of greens you can often meet 100% of many nutrient recommendations.

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