Peanut Butter Pasta Sauce


I am eating pasta with peanut butter! That’s right. PEANUT BUTTER.

Why? Because I wanted something fatty and I don’t eat dairy and didn’t want to use oil and didn’t have avocados.

I recalled that bread + peanut butter = pretty tasty… so why not pasta?

Answer: this works too!

In fact… pasta is sweeter than bread because it has no salt/yeast… soooo it’s potentially┬átastier than bread and pb.

NOW, I am not a superfan of either wheat or peanut butter, but I like the innovation. I could see people thinking “eww… peanut butter on pasta???”…

BUT if you think about it… there are many asian dishes where peanuts are part of the sauce and they are pretty tasty dishes.

Anyhow, just posting for a little inspiration to innovate in the kitchen! I’m excited to be eating a lot more calories lately. I was eating less for a while and my overall energy levels were lower – though in general not noticeably “low” just not as high.

Eating easily digested foods in higher caloric intakes seems to directly potentiate more exercise/movement/excitement etc… for me. I’m pumped about pumping in more easily digested foods to have more energy to do more and live more and love more!

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