Perhaps the Best Plant Source of Zinc (It’s not what you think)

So now, to my knowledge, the best plant source of zinc is not pumpkin seeds or wheat germ, but rather this funny looking fruit called Chayote.

For a 100 calorie serving, Chayote contains 3.9 milligrams of zinc

Compare this to a 100 calorie serving of pumpkin seeds which contains 1.6 milligrams.

Chayote is also a low fat food and a high water food. To get 100 calories you have to eat over a pound – which might be around 2.5 whole chayotes.

What does it taste like?

It is similar to a cucumber or jicama.

Where can you get it?

Mexican markets, farmer’s markets, you could even grow it yourself if you’re in the right climate. I know that it grows in Northern California as well as Southern California.



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