The Benefits of Getting a Trainer

So I’m just feeling grateful for doing work with a trainer. For most of my life I’ve been very independent and clashed with teachers, but I can see now the folly of my ways and how greatly helpful having someone work with me is.

A trainer is someone who is more skilled in what you’d like to learn or who knows how to get you to do the things that will increase your skills. I have been playing basketball for more than 10 years (though never truly in an organized fashion) and over just a few training sessions with Jordan Lawley I feel my game has truly elevated to the next level. We’ll see about the dunk training too about that kind of elevation.

I have gone from being a fun player to a confident player and my shot has improved immensely. Through working with him we basically discovered I was not shooting with my right hand – that I ought to be shooting with my left. And now I have MUCH better shooting form and find myself draining threes in games.

The other great benefit is that trainers have different fitness backgrounds than yourself. In this case, Jordan did a couple plyometric workouts with me that gave me a good burn and helped strengthen my core as well as improve the efficiency of my movement. He was able to point out that I was wavering going left and right instead of going straight towards the basket. I am the type of person to think that the way a person does one thing is reflective of how they do other things, therefor improving my ability to go straight towards my goal is a life skill beyond the sport of basketball that I’m thankful for.

He’s working with a lot of clients right now, so I’m not sure if he can take any more on, but I highly recommend checking out his work at

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