The Paul Chek Protein Interview

Above is part 1 from an hour long interview with holistic health practitioner Paul Chek. Below is not exactly part 2 but close enough.

His book –

He made statements that make it clear that most people in the United States are probably eating too much protein. Because they are constipated and not even absorbing much of what they’re eating. He also pointed out how different our needs can be based on stress levels and how we use our mind. A Tai Chi master with very low stress and clear mental focus would require relatively much less calories for basal and active metabolism than someone with a busy stressed mind.

On average people eat around 115 grams and are 5’9.5”. That would be enough protein to maintain around a 200 pound lean muscled build. For 5’9.5” that would be huge.

Eat real food, drink real water, get real rest, and train to the best of your abilities.

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