Throwing in the Towel for Cheater Theater – How to Lose 1.2 Pounds in 60 Seconds – Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson UFC 210

So Daniel Cormier just won his second fight against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. I didn’t watch the fight, but I saw the “weigh-in”. Daniel Cormier steps onto the scale and he is 1.2 pounds too heavy, then he goes away for a minute and comes back and gets weighed while his hands are on a towel being held by two men. Somehow he has now lost the weight and is cleared to fight.

Well, if you rest your arms on something then the scale won’t have that much pressure and your weight will be less. After the fight Cormier says that he was holding up the towel because before when he was weighed the others didn’t hold the towel well and it showed his bare back side. While true that his backside got exposed… him holding the towel in front of him WHILE two others hold the towel on the sides does not really help anything. FURTHERMORE… what happens if you hold something while being weighed… that thing you hold goes to increase your weight. So it’s not just bullshit – it’s double bullshit.

That being said, I think it’s a good set-up for the UFC from a viewership perspective because it sets D.C. up as a bad guy. He’s set up as a cheater. He just cheated his way in… or should I say cheated his WEIGH in haw-haw-haw. And so now we have some reason to “hate” “him” and how he gloated winning the fight that I think he should have been ineligible for according to the “rule”.

Now Jon Jones can come in and more people will root for Jones to beat D.C. because D.C. is the most recent “cheater” and Jones can “redeem” himself.

I thought maybe he could take some super laxative/diuretic or something to drop 1.2 pounds in a minute but no apparently collusion. But like obviously they have to all be in on it. Who would just accept a person getting weighed while putting their arms on something?

At fullbellyfitness though… we don’t care what you weigh. We care about doing what makes you feel good and live healthy.


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