You Can’t Eat What You Don’t Got

When’s the last time you ate something that you didn’t have? Probably never. Because you can’t eat what you don’t got. That’s why it’s important to make smart decisions while shopping.

This works both ways. If you don’t have that food that seems to make you tired or gassy… you won’t eat it. But it also means if you don’t have those foods that make you feel energetic and vibrant… you won’t eat them either.

Going shopping seems fun to me… walking around seeing hundreds or thousands of different items and thinking about what will make me feel the best. Or walking around nature and looking for ripe fruit or edible greens – that’s fun too!

If you have a good sense of how much of certain things you can eat and ensure that you have those foods handy… you can have a real easy time of eating healthy. If you don’t know, time to learn!

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