You don’t have to be deficient to miss out.

Apart from the fact that we really don’t know enough to have definitive certainty as to the requirements of a complete diet, even if the nutrients typically listed in a nutritional calculator or in RDA’s or other government health agencies were “sufficient” – a person could easily intake those nutrients and still miss out.

They could miss out, for example, on the experience of deliciousness.

There are many foods that can be combined to on paper meet nutrient recommendations, but could be prepared or consumed in a manner that would not bring a wide smile of joy to the face of the eater. Life certainly would be more enjoyable if food tasted more delicious (provided that this increased deliciousness did not necessarily mean less healthy food).

But it’s not just about more deliciousness.

Different foods simply have different compounds that have some impacts on the body. Foods CAN act as medicine. Foods CAN act as types of poisons.

Furthermore, we must consider the metrics by which we measure deficiency or sufficiency. AMBITION MATTERS!

If a person figures that they’re okay exercising for less than 30 minutes a day and mostly sitting watching tv or on a computer not thinking too hard – then their “sufficiency” would be different than the person that says they want to live all the active life they can live!

If I want to spend 3-4 hours + every day engaged in higher intensity activity – I may need a variety of different nutrients differently to that sedentary person.

Where does your food intake line up here?

For most fortunate people, they can look backwards and say they have had enough nutrients to meet their needs

However, how do we determine our needs?

I think we might go with perceptions of hunger, or of general feelings. Do you “feel” like exercising more than you have been? Probably not, so then why eat more? But if you WANT to become more active, you will likely NEED more food. Maybe more sleep or at least better sleep too. Activity requires nutrients. Different types might require different things.

Some foods excite us. Others dull us. Others calm us. I don’t understand it all, but I know that’s the case. There’s a variety of ratios and nutrients that can have various effects. Let’s try to figure out what they are so that we can live better lives.



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